Doug Disraeli DDS

Cosmetic Fillings

The old silver fillings often turn black and overshadow the innate lightness of the tooth. The cosmetic resin fillings restore the natural look.

Sometimes the old resin fillings picked up stains from coffee, tea or anything that could stain a white shirt. It is a simple process to replace it with the new stain-resistant hybrid resin.

A chipped tooth can easily be repaired with this cosmetic and very durable resin.

Direct Bonding: This is an exciting development in modern dentistry. For the first time, we have the ability to attach something to a tooth without having to cut away tooth structure first. Even though we usually do prepare the teeth, the preparations are much smaller and much stronger than the preparations for the mercury-silver fillings.

The material we use for this direct bonding is a hard resin/composite with very specific color considerations. The resin is usually totally invisible to the naked eye, and fillings are often so lifelike that the teeth appear to be untouched. We use direct bonding for fillings, minor tooth enhancement and to replace unsightly stains in smile zones.

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