Doug Disraeli DDS


CL had 6 veneers placed about 20 years ago. The teeth had shifted (CL had orthodontics done but never wore her retainer) and she wanted to “re-straighten” the teeth as well as improve the cosmetics. She said the veneers looked like they had grown there.

When you come into our office, be sure and ask to see some of the beautiful before and after photos of veneers. Veneers (also called laminates) are a perfect example of indirect bonding. They are used to change color, shape, and position of teeth.

After a first visit where we prepare the teeth (removing approximately 1/2 millimeter from the visual part of the tooth), a temporary is made and placed. The temporary veneer is a replica of the final porcelain veneer and gives you a chance to preview your future smile and make any changes as you see fit. The final restoration fits beautifully and naturally.

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