A COVID-19 Update from Doctor Disraeli

Apr 15, 2020

Dear Patients:

First and foremost, I hope you, your family and your friends are safe and healthy. This has been quite an extraordinary time and it has impacted all of us in many different ways. As you are aware, our office closed on March 13th and I have only been open for emergency patients. And once again, if you have an emergency, please call me directly on my cell at (858) 204-9888.

I have received quite a few emails, texts and phone calls asking when we will reopen so I wanted to take this time to answer your questions and provide you with information on the changes that will be implemented for the staff and patients once the quarantine is lifted.

As of today, we have not received a date for dentists to go back to work on a full-time basis. New information comes out daily from the CDC, State of California and the California Dental Association which we closely monitor on what’s safe for patients, dental staff and dentists.

My staff and I are currently working on a plan to protect you even further than what we have done previously. Some of the new changes will be:

  1. Upon entering the office you will be provided hand sanitizer. You need 30 seconds after drying to be effective.
  2. While the sanitizer is working, we will take your forehead temperature.
  3. We will be taking a short oral history of your recent health. Please do not come in if you are not feeling well.
  4. We will then provide you with gloves that you can wear throughout your dental visit.
  5. Appointments will be staggered to allow for more social distancing.
  6. Operative staff will be wearing a face shield in addition to the normal face mask, gloves and jacket.

Finally, we realize that many of you have been hit hard financially. As a small gesture, once we have reopened the office, we will be discounting all dentistry by 15% (of your responsible portion). This discount will be available if you schedule your appointment within two months after we reopen. For those of you without insurance, we are working on a “Wellness Plan” to help you. Please ask us when you come in. Your dental health is very important.

On behalf of my staff and I, we hope to see you soon. Stay healthy.

Thank you,
Doug Disraeli