Everyone thinks that they have the best staff. I know I do. We all work very well together and our patients never feel left alone, as there is always someone available to make them feel comfortable. I appreciate my experienced staff and their commitment to making sure each patient receives the best dental experience. Our team work approach, dedication, and professionalism are all evident to our patients. ~Dr. Disraeli

Office Manager

Adriana has been in dentistry for over 15 years. She has transitioned from the back office as a top assistant to the front as a top administrator. If you have called or come in to the office, you have already experienced her competence and kindness.

Dental Hygienist

Angela allowed us to convince her to come to San Diego from Northern California. Her continual good cheer elevates all of our moods and creates a happy time for patients. She has been a caring hygienist for over 20 years.

Dental Hygienist

Angelia has been a hygienist for over 20 years and has been here for at least 15 of them. Her smile, caring personality and dedication make her a favorite with nervous patients, and with the entire dental team.

Dental Hygienist

Laura is a recent resident of San Diego but that hasn’t slowed her down as she is already the community health chair for the local hygiene society and is on the board of the California Dental Hygiene Association. Her experience has been extremely helpful.

Dental Hygienist

Deborah has over 20 years of experience as a hygienist and has been here for most of that time. She compliments our team with tremendous kindness and a strong desire to see our patient’s remain healthy. She has been a major part of our team since she was a registered dental assistant before going to hygiene school.

Registered Dental Assistant

Vianey is part of our team of extremely talented and experienced registered dental assistants. She has been an assistant for over 15 years and is a joy to work with. Her eagerness to always do the right thing has made her very popular.

Registered Dental Assistant

Patricia brings over 20 years of comfort and delight to our office and is an integral part of our capable professional registered dental team. Her enthusiasm for her work and outgoing personality are a constant. Her gentle humor instantly puts patients at ease.

Dr. Hoffman

Dr. Ryan Hoffman has packed a tremendously large amount of experience in his career. His professionalism and cheerfulness are a very welcome addition.

DougDr. Disraeli

“I truly have the most incredibly talented, experienced, and compassionate staff. As a team, we all take care of all your dental needs.”