I never smiled. My teeth were a mosaic of colors, and when they showed, I felt I shied away from people. Dr. Disraeli took very special care of my needs, and when I smile now, I’m proud of my teeth. They look natural, and real.

My teeth had those ugly fillings that looked like popcorn kernels stuck between them. There were also black spaces next to the gums, and the teeth themselves were slightly twisted. Dr. Disraeli made them white, bright and beautiful. I feel I could smile and people would comment on my beautiful teeth. I gave Dr. Disraeli the biggest compliment I could – I sent my children to him.

I have always been terrified of the dentist until I went to Dr. Disraeli’s office. Dr. Disraeli and his wonderful staff have completely eliminated my fears. They have the BEST customer service I have ever experienced and their facility is spotless. I have highly recommended them to all my friends.

The quality of work is unmatched. The results are consistently fantastic! I appreciate the extra mile you always go. Your work exceeds my already demanding expectations. You have my complete confidence. You are truly exceptional!

I’ve been seeing Dr. D. now for 8 years. He fixed all of the problems caused by dentists on the low cost dental plans. Dr. D. is a perfectionist, which I fully appreciate because I’ve received veneers and caps on my 4 upper and 4 lower front teeth, and they’re beautiful!! Dr. D. and his whole staff is great!

I have been a patient of Dr. Disraeli’s for over seven years and have never been made to feel more comfortable in any medical or dental situation. The care and consideration afforded my family by the entire staff is second to none. Although there are other facilities closer to our home, we drive the two hours round trip to come to Dr. Disraeli for the quality of we receive.