JL just wanted whiter teeth. She felt like her yellow ones made her look old.
Dr. Disraeli has been whitening teeth since 1999. There are several ways to lighten teeth which include:

Over the counter: You can buy many products from your local pharmacy or drug store that are extremely safe. Their final result can be as white as the more professional style, however, they can be up to ten times slower.

One hour whitening: Several years ago it was considered to be the best way, and its popularity was enhanced with many Britesmile and Zoom centers. It is a high concentration of carbamide peroxide that sits on the teeth for an hour. Unfortunately, the main side effect is a sensitivity that ranges from mild to severe. Many offices still do the one hour whitening but usually recommend it only for those patients with a big event coming too soon for slower techniques.

Take home trays: An impression is taken and models of your teeth are made. A custom tray is fabricated that will fit comfortably over your natural teeth. Then a specific concentration of gel is placed inside the tray and inserted easily into your mouth and worn for an hour or two every day for up to two weeks. If whiter teeth are desired, the trays can be worn for an extended period. The newer gels have reduced all sensitivities dramatically.