Madeline: “I love to come see Doug and the whole experience is really good…Everyone I know that I’ve sent here has always come back, even people who are dental-phobic.”

Tony: Dr. D. Makes you at ease…I feel like he’s genuinely concerned about me and my smile…He is the best.”

Morgan: “I was missing teeth since I was a child and wanted it fixed…He definitely walked me through the entire process and I knew what was going to happen before my first appointment…It was a comfortable exciting experience. I definitely enjoy smiling now.”

Toni: “It was very lucky for me that I found Dr. D…He restored most of my teeth…this is a great facility, super friendly…I have a lot of confidence with my smile.”

Corey: “I love Dr. D’s office. It is a fun environment. I’m laughing from the minute I walk in until I leave.”

Carter: “Doug’s personality lends himself to being relaxed…the team is very sympathetic if you are nervous…if you have anxiety with the dentist it is a good fit because they make you feel comfortable.”