Doug Disraeli D.D.S. Offers Tips for Tooth Decay and Gum Disease After Cancer Treatment Bringing Awareness to National Cancer Survivors Day

Jun 02, 2021

SAN DIEGO, CA — In observance of National Cancer Survivors Day on June 6, 2021, Doug Disraeli D.D.S. offers tips for those who have recently completed cancer treatment and are returning to their regular healthy routines.

Along with other common dental issues, cancer survivors may also experience a greater chance of tooth decay, gum disease, and changes in taste after cancer treatment.

Although there is no guaranteed way to prevent the occurrence of a dental issue after cancer treatment, Doug Disraeli D.D.S. offers these tips below for tooth decay and gum disease after cancer treatment:

  1. Contact your dentist to get back on a regular schedule of appointments
  2. Share your medical history with your dentist, given that it is crucial they know you have had CT scans, frequent X-rays, radiation treatment, or other diagnostics with radiation so that they can modify your treatment plan accordingly
  3. Watch for bleeding gums or sores in the mouth, and communicate with your dentist and medical team any concerns
  4. Use the softest toothbrushes you can find, especially early on
  5. Talk to your dentist about fluoride treatments, even as an adult, to replenish the teeth

Says Dr. Disraeli, “When treatment comes to a close, dental health may be the last thing on your mind, but we want to help in any way we can for our patients to get back to their regular healthy routines.”

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