Halloween Candy and Avoiding Dental Emergencies

Oct 19, 2019

Don’t let your dental health be the thing that scares you this month. Halloween is full of tasty treats and candy but can be the busiest season due to cracked or missing teeth. Have the best Halloween season and alleviate any anxiety over a missing tooth and seek out the best options available.

The best choice for missing teeth is an implant. When done by a skillful team, it is aesthetically beautiful, functional, and easy to forget it is in your mouth! The only scary part to some is that the implant takes time to integrate into the patient’s bone.

Visiting your dentist can be terrifying, but what is even scarier is avoiding your dental problem and doing nothing! When your remaining teeth start to move, this can cause more damage to your already missing tooth. To keep enjoying your favorite treats this season all you have to do is make regularly scheduled appointments with your dentist. Happy Halloween!