New Year 2020 Resolution – Doug Disraeli D.D.S. to Improve Quality of Life in Asylum Seekers Family Shelter with Donation Drive

Jan 06, 2020

With over 6,000 asylum-seekers at the border, Doug Disraeli D.D.S. will be holding a donation drive at his offices with a goal of raising $300 throughout the month of January, for the San Diego Rapid Response Network, who serves some of the most vulnerable populations in his community.

“Families travel far just for a chance to escape violence and suffering,” says Dr. Disraeli. “They truly are in desperate need of our help and compassion.”

Those looking to donate can visit Doug Disraeli D.D.S. at 3645 Fourth Ave., San Diego during business hours throughout the month of January. Dr. Disraeli will guarantee a donation of at least $300, along with any help given from the community.

The San Diego Rapid Response Network is a coalition of community leaders and service organizations dedicated to aiding immigrants and their families in the San Diego border region. The organization was created to respond to increased immigration enforcement activities within San Diego County.