September Food-Themed Holidays and Your Dental Health

Mar 19, 2020


With observances in September including “Ice Cream Cone Day,” “Cream-Filled Donut Day,” “Blueberry Popsicle Day,” and “Chocolate Day,” these food-themed holidays we may see on our Twitter and Instagram feeds look delicious, they may not always be the best for people’s teeth. However, it’s important to remember how to enjoy mouth-watering treats while still maintaining dental health.

There is a day for every food on almost every single day of the year. Some foods are just better for our teeth than others.

Try to mix in the healthy food-themed holiday such “International Eat an Apple Day” on Sept. 3, “National Macadamia Nut Day” on Sept. 4, or “Guacamole Day” on Sept. 16, all of which offer great nutritional value while also being neutral or beneficial to dental health.

If you do indulge in food-themed holidays, ensure you are brushing and flossing after and drinking plenty of water.